Ronnie King

Save Yourself

Ronnie King’s Thermal “Chateau Relaxo”becomes a refuge for help and healing.

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It was a perfect February morning in the Coachella Valley. C-Money & The Players, a Los Angeles–based funky jazz band, was set to record its new track, “Save Yourself,” with music producer Ronnie King. What I didn’t know then was that those two words — save yourself — would bring forth beautiful symbolism for the rest of the day. My

stout beers

Frothy and Dark

International Stout Day and a list of delectably opaque beers.

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Someone once said, “History flows forward on rivers of beer.” It’s a beautiful thought. There is no doubt beer has played a tremendous role in history and in shaping the human experience. And what human experience cannot be improved by a pint of dark, rich stout? It should come as no surprise that stout lovers across the world fête delicious


Build it Like Beckman

A new addition to the Uptown Design District in Palm Springs features farm-to-table food and gorgeous cocktails amid architectural elements.

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One of the defining features that led to the design of Palm Springs’ new restaurant Truss & Twine was the number of trusses added likely decades before to help brace the Spanish tile roof. “If you look at the design images, all of the trusses are original,” says co-owner Michael Beckman. “That played a role in design.” The “twine” in

ace hotel

Beer for Brunch

Ace Hotel & Swim Club pairs craft beers with breakfast fare as part of its Craft Beer Weekend.

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In London in the mid-1720s, it was perfectly normal to imbibe beer all through the day — a pint before breakfast, a pint at breakfast, a pint with supper… The average Northern European drank approximately 3 liters of beer a day. If that sounds like a lot, it is. By comparison, nutrition advocates recommend we drink eight glasses of water

acqua california bistro

Acqua California Bistro Arrives at The River

Barbara and Jerry Keller have returned to Rancho Mirage with an expanded restaurant featuring a tried-and-true menu crafted at Lulu’s.

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This is the only place in the Coachella Valley you’ll be able to dine on the water with colorful, flying forks. The feel is “very Luluesque,” says John Shay, vice president of operations at Lulu and Acqua California Bistros. “The menu that migrated to Lulu’s was the original Acqua Pazza menu. And now, the menu here is identical to the

bar bites

Bar Bites

Forget dinner reservations. These eats & drinks are for the non-planning types.

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Forget happy hour. This is all about bellying up to the bar for bar bites and special menus, discounted more than just a couple of hours. Many restaurants have shifted the dining experience to include special menus for those who are a little more spontaneous. The service is just as good, the fare is savory, but is reserved for walk-ins.


Gigamesh Will Keep Splash House Dancing

The second Splash House installment in August brings together a rock-star lineup of DJs, including Big Gigantic and Kaytranada.

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Matthew Thomas Masurka, better known as Gigamesh, is a Minneapolis-based three-time multiplatinum music producer and DJ. One of the most versatile and talented names in the indie-dance genre, the 34-year-old is probably best known for his remix of Foster the People’s single “Pumped Up Kicks.” Gigamesh’s early influences include Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, DJ Shadow, and Radiohead. His Miley

kate bosworth

Kate Bosworth Espouses Mentoring Role at Palm Springs ShortFest

She says her awkward start in acting stayed with her for years, leaving her wondering if she belonged, and spurred her desire to help young artists.

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Kate Bosworth auditioned at an open casting call for her first movie at just 14 years old. She felt awkward and nervous because she had never read lines before. She didn’t have an 8 x 10 headshot, so she brought in the annual family Christmas photo instead. Bosworth believed she was a good match for the movie, which called for

ONE-PS Guide cover

ONE-PS Publication Garners National Recognition

The ONE-PS Guide to Palm Springs Neighborhoods earns first place at Neighborhoods, USA national conference.

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Each Palm Springs neighborhood bears the distinctive markings of the period in which it was founded, and flourishes through its unique succession of residents that continues to sculpt it. The debut in 2016 of The ONE-PS Guide to Palm Springs Neighborhoods helped introduced the city through an 80-page magazine format guide surveying 41 Palm Springs neighborhoods using narrative text and