Man massaging his painful knee.

Pain and How to Prevent It, According to a Rancho Mirage Physician

If you are suffering from chronic pain, take some advice from Dr. Lee W. Erlendson of Rancho Mirage Pain Associates, Inc.

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Man massaging his painful knee.
Can my pain be cured?

Many types of chronic pain cure but can be managed.Several encouraging modalities are available to ease pain and improve function. In the last few decades, new neurostimulation/neuromodulation products have improved outcomes in relieving back, neck, and knee pain. Recent products have even addressed diabetic peripheral neuropathy for pain relief.

I had a knee replacement to address my knee pain and am one year post operative. I still have chronic knee pain. Is there anything you can do to address this type of pain?

Primary outcome after knee replacement surgery is primarily for pain relief. Secondary outcome measures may include function, sleep, and increased activity. Peripheral neuromodulation can directly improve outcomes for pain relief and function. Peripheral knee nerve rhizotomy procedures are an attempt to relieve chronic knee pain after surgery.

I was recently diagnosed with cancer. My biggest fear is the pain that the cancer or cancer treatment may cause. What can I do to prevent this pain?

It is important to educate yourself about the options for cancer pain. Communicate your side effects of your cancer and cancer related treatment to your health care team. This includes pain. This may be addressed with integrative therapies, nonopioid and/or opioid medication therapy, nerve blocks, and intrathecal pain pump therapy.

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