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High Beams

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Amid the flutter of butterfly roofs and other specimens of midcentury modernism in The Mesa neighborhood in Palm Springs, a lone Craftsman home stands out on a grassy flat. The handcrafted property — offered for $1.6 million by Jerry Shea at Windermere Real Estate — features Brazilian Koa hardwood floors and several low-pitched rooflines, bearing exposed rafters — a signature of the home’s breed and the artisan’s expertise. A master wood mason from Montana designed the cabinetry built into each room. The entire place features antique amenities like claw-foot tubs, stained-glass windows, and a gigantic safe that once held blue prints to the Hiroshima bomb. It’s arguably the only true Craftsman in the desert, and it holds its own as an architectural wonder.

The Phantom XF/BSTR, which raced in 1989 at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and won the World’s Fastest Flathead title, courtesy of Bill Hatch. Models: Lyric Kesteloot, Valerie Loughboro, Natalie Berg, Charlene Robbins, and Eleanor Gonzalez. Hair: Josh J. Banks, Alfapart Milano USA. Makeup: Alicia Marie Ross. Photo assistant: Brandon Shulleri. Fashion assistant: Sarah Nezamzadeh.

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