Red Carpet Ready

David Meister fills his day with beautiful women, bright lights, and red carpets.

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American fashion designer David Meister reveals his sartorial secrets. He fills his day with beautiful women, bright lights, and red carpets.

Modern Oasis

A local lifestyle brand celebrates the good life in Palm Springs

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Destination PSP celebrates the lifestyle in the fun collectibles it creates for the home and pool, as well as souvenir apparel and other gifts designed to echo midcentury modern charm.

New Kids on the Block

PSST! - How two newly minted modernists are entertaining the desert.

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Scene-stealing character actor David Steen and soap opera diva Bobbie Eakes are no strangers to transformation. Head-over-heels in love with each other and their newly renovated Alexander house.

psst! — Farm Fresh!

Gabriela Oliva offers a taste of the French countryside in Palm Springs

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Gabriela Oliva, who spiced up Circa 59 and Europa restaurant, has given La Plaza in downtown Palm Springs a taste of the French countryside.

Doctor Without Borders

Sanjay Gupta: Feed and Exercise Your Mind and Body, and Enjoy a Longer, Healthier Life.

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He performs warzone neurosurgery, advises top politicians like Hillary Clinton, and wins Emmy Awards for CNN. For Dr. Sanjay Gupta, this is all in a day’s work.

Psst! – Q&A — Samantha Ressler

Ready, Set, LOL!

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Samantha Ressler is off to the races and gaining speed. Her quick-witted web series, Ladyparts, gained huge fanfare when Zoey Deschanel featured it on her website HelloGiggles, declaring it a BFF. After stints on TV shows like Modern Family and 90210 and a series of webisodes, it seems natural that she’d zoom to the big screen.

Psst! – Hot Property

High Beams

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Amid the flutter of butterfly roofs and other specimens of midcentury modernism in The Mesa neighborhood in Palm Springs, a lone Craftsman home stands out on a grassy flat. The handcrafted property features Brazilian Koa hardwood floors and several low-pitched rooflines, bearing exposed rafters — a signature of the home’s breed and the artisan’s expertise.

PSST! – Look Who’s Driving!

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Hotrod dads and skateboarding sons always try to keep up with mothers who stay a few steps ahead. This 1965 Carroll Shelby Cobra is just the ticket to keep up with today’s super-performance mom. With a high-rise 427 engine that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, it’s one of the fastest American cars on the road.

Time Out for Larry Pettinelli

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Superlative engineering has distinguished Patek Philippe for 174 years. The brand has earned the official Geneva Seal for its mechanics and boasts the world’s two most expensive watches, including the $11 million Henry Graves Supercomplicated Pocket Watch.