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Put Up Your Dukes

Comedian, singer Rodney Carrington doesn't hold back, and that includes taking over online interviews

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_rodney carrington
Rodney Carrington promises a new show when he appears Sept. 3 at Spotlight 29 Casino in Coachella.

Rodney Carrington doesn’t hold back any punches. In fact, one of his latest albums is aptly named, The Hits, featuring strong country vocals fused with Carrington’s unique blend of humor.

The Texas native has earned success in multiple artistic genres, charming fans for more than a decade with his, seemingly, “let it all out there” style.

Carrington regularly performs shows to sold out crowds throughout the U.S. and Canada, and he’s currently wrapping up a tour in Australia. Palm Springs Life caught up with Carrington before he resurfaces from “down under” to wow a Coachella crowd Sept. 3 at Spotlight 29 Casino. Perhaps inspired by the long flight across the Pacific, Carrington included some of his own questions to share with you, so we have mixed them in for your enjoyment.

You are a diverse artist with multiple talents. Has your music success changed your sense of humor or your material?

RC: It hasn’t too much. I just try to focus on things that happen in my life and that typically relates to other people as well.

How would you characterize your material and shows?

RC: I just try to get people to laugh a little and forget about their problems for a couple of hours. If you learn anything at my show it’s an accident.

What can the Greater Palm Springs audience expect?

RC: A brand new show from what they have seen on Netflix or anywhere else with new stand up and songs.

In your spare time…you?

RC: Spend time with my family (I have 3 sons ) and golf.

What make you laugh?

RC: My Kids make me laugh.
Your latest stand up comedy album, “Laughter’s Good,” went to No. 1 and the first three albums on your record label have gone to either No. 1 or No. 2. Does that mean you’re getting funnier or do people get you more?

RC: I like to think that my comedy is connecting with people. I usually talk about real life and family. Most of my ideas come from both.

Rodney Carrington starred in his own TV sitcom, Rodney (on ABC for two seasons), and hosted the American Country New Year’s Eve Live show on FOX.

Is there anything your fans might not know about you?

Why yes. I am part of the techno DJ duo called Urny and Burny Perverti. I’m Urny. We are killing it in Europe right now. In the states we open for the Dutch DJ, Tiesto at the Hakasan nightclub in Las Vegas…. Ok, some of that is not true. Although, I do own a record player. Ok, that’s not true either. 

Anything else?

RC: I’m not that good in bed… Damn it, here I go lying again. I’m sorry, actually I’m fantastic in bed.  
Rodney Carrington, 8 p.m. Sept. 3, Spotlight 29 Casino, 46-200 Harrison Place, Coachella, 760-775-5566; www.spotlight29.com