Ryan Campbell's art work

Ryan Campbell Shows Art at Desert Island Country Club

See two- and three-dimensional work from the local artist in the clubhouse through Jan. 15.

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Ryan Campbell's art work

Ryan Campbell's artwork.

Head to Desert Island Country Club’s restaurant, The Penney, to view local artist Ryan Campbell’s latest exhibition, presented by Melissa Morgan Fine Art. Known for his intersections of lines and shadows, Campbell is showcasing a selection of his sculptural works and paintings.

“There’ll be a combination of seeing the language evolved from a 2D space to a three-dimensional space,” he shares.

While his passion for art has been present as long as he can remember, Campbell started actively creating at the age of 14. As a teen, he would skateboard the boardwalk from Santa Monica to Venice Beach and visit the graffiti amphitheater. There, he met many people and learned about art.

“That was a big shift for me,” Campbell says. “That was where, as a young kid, I got really excited about art making.”

He finds inspiration in shadows — “the beautiful shadows I see casting off architectural details that we have here in the desert,” he elaborates. “They’re usually grouped together in segments of lines.”

Campbell was invited by Miguel Nelson and Deborah Page from Desert Island Country Club to display his work in the space. “I’m very excited to be opening the season with them at Desert Island,” he shares. Private since 1971, the club opened to the public for the first time in 2022. The clubhouse gallery space will feature rotating art exhibitions all season.

Join Campbell at Desert Island for an artist reception Thursday, Dec. 7, from 4 to 6 p.m. Then keep your eyes on the Palm Springs Art Museum, where he will soon complete at 90-foot mural.