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Artist Sana Keefer recently painted a series of unique, colorful canvases to fill the newly renovated rooms at the Saguaro Palm Springs.

Luis Cabrera Arts & Entertainment, Current Guide

Artist Sana Keefer found her inspiration for art from her father, who is an illustrator.

You recently painted a series of unique, colorful canvases for Saguaro’s newly renovated rooms. What was your approach to crafting them?
My work for the Saguaro is just fun. I had a good time making it and even more fun naming each piece of work. [Saguaro is] a bold brand. With boldness comes freedom. I had the freedom to explore themes, such as desert UFOs and heartbreak, using specific guest room color palettes as a jumping off point.

How is creating art for a hotel different than for a gallery?
It’s all about environment. With hotels, one thing to consider is the fact that it’s always home to someone, so the mood and overall tone are important.

What sparked your interest in art?
My father is a great illustrator. When I was a kid, he would draw figures and comics for us at the
breakfast table. He played a big part in my early interest in art. Now, my own children — they’re currently
3 and 5 — really inspire me to push beyond print work and into abstract painting. It’s amazing to see them create. They don’t hold back — no questioning their intuition with the brush or even their fingers. They just go for it.

You have a place in Yucca Valley. How would you characterize High Desert life?
I fell in love with the High Desert at a very young age. It was my dream to buy a plot of land. When the opportunity presented itself, I did just that. I’m near the Flamingo Heights neighborhood, which is a great mix of long-time residents and newcomers. You’ll find everything from livestock to art installations in neighboring backyards.

Sana Keefer


Saguaro Palm Springs
1800 E. Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs

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