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One gets a sense that people are making up for lost time these days — traveling, dining out, attending events, perhaps heading back into the workplace — and naturally, they want to look their best in the process. As always, the Sofonio Plastic Surgery Center in Rancho Mirage keeps pace with patients’ needs. “We continue to perform in-depth surgeries, of course,” says Dr. Mark Sofonio, “but we’ve definitely seen a shift towards people wanting smaller, faster procedures as they resume active social and working lives.”

Newcomers to the Center’s handsome, 5,000-square-foot, Art-Deco-inspired building on Highway 111 quickly learn what returning patients already know:Specifically, they can be confident knowing all their surgery and cosmetic matters will be competently and efficiently met within the self-contained and fully accredited surgery center and accompanying spa facility. There’s no need to venture anywhere else.

Mini-facelifts, eyelid lifts, no-downtime lasers, as well as non-operative proceduressuch as fillers, facial threads, and neurotoxins including Botox — these are the treatments that are trending right now. When someone opts to undergo a plastic-surgery procedure at the Sofonio Plastic Surgery Center, it invariably marks the beginning of a trusting and ongoing relationship. “I wanted to be able to perform procedures and then to help patients maintain their results, which is why I established my Center,” explains Dr. Sofonio. “We’re an inclusive provider of care for patients’ every aesthetic need.”

Serving those needs means keeping up to date with the latest treatments and technologies. Recently, Dr. Sofonio has seen a revolutionary new hair growth treatment known as TED deliver amazing results and win over patients. Developed by Alma Lasers, TED is an acronym for trans epidermal drug delivery. Needle and pain free, TED uses acoustic sound waves and air pressure to drive synthetically produced growth factors and stem cells down the hair shaft into the follicles. Suitable for men and women, it typically takes three treatments to maximally energize the hair. “It’s a pretty ingenious non-invasive way to nourish the hair and promote growth. Everybody gets thicker, stronger, and healthier hair.”

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Mark V. Sofonio, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Sofonio carefully researches and vets every new potential innovation because in the wider world, a number of failed technologies have come and gone. “I’m always considering what will best — but more importantly — safely serve the interests of my patients.” A new variant on the CO2 laser also excite him these days. Used to remove visible signs of sun damage, aging, scars, wrinkles, and benign skin growths like moles and skin tags, the carbon dioxide, or CO2, laser used to burn very hot. “However, the developer has changed the delivery so now it’s a cold CO2 laser, and we’re seeing more and more ability to use that on the body.”

The advent of this decade presented special circumstances, and the Sofonio Plastic Surgery Center met the moments admirably, surpassing expectations of what could be accomplished during COVID. Many individuals opted for major procedures during their enforced downtime. Faster courses of action may currently be in vogue, but the importance of maintenance never abates. “Loss of facial volume and thinning skin are huge problems as we age.”

Forever committed to embracing the evolving nature of his chosen specialty, Dr. Sofonio has seamlessly folded many of the truly remarkable non-operative procedures available today into his practice. But first and foremost, he remains a surgeon. Widely published and having lectured extensively, Dr. Sofonio is recognized as one of the top plastic surgeons in the country. Consistently named one of the top doctors in the Coachella Valley each year, he and his team of professionals warmly welcome you.

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