Portrait of senior and young woman

The Dos and Don’ts of Anti-Aging Procedures

Rancho Mirage board-certified dermatologist Dr. Wendy E. Roberts explains the best approach for aging facial needs.

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Portrait of senior and young woman
How do I decide what I need for my aging face? There are so many options, and it is confusing. Who do I trust?

DO: Read about the education and training of who is working on your face. Seek a board-certified aesthetic physician; all injectors are not the same. People blame the filler or Botox for bad outcomes while 99% of the time it is the experience and training of the injector.

DON’T: Seek the best deal in town, Groupon, etc. It is risky, and you don’t know what you are getting. Just like clothing, there are fillers that come from out of this country that are counterfeit and sold at cheaper prices — with frightening side effects.

DO: Surf the Internet to get familiar with your cosmetic/aesthetic options, especially new treatments that may suit your needs.

DON’T: Go to your doctor and tell them what you think you need. It may stop them from recommending what may be even better.

DO: Start early. Age management, like financial management, pays off better returns when started early. Like any professional decision — home expansion, achieving a new smile, best results begin with researching who are the best-qualified professionals to do the job. That is usually based on education, training, experience, and recommendations from peer doctors. The Palm Springs Life Top Doctor list is a very credible source to find certified physicians.

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