Theo Von Collects Mementoes Since Feeling Lure of TV World

Inventor of "Crank Texting" hosts Purple Room Comedy Night

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Theo Von is a scrap-booker.

The kind that creates a book with photos and mementos collected in one’s journeys.

It’s a surprising hobby admission from the guy who invented Crank Texting and current prankster host of the hit comedy television game show Deal With It, which has Howie Mandel as executive producer.

“Yeah, I’m a sentimental dude,” Von says. “I have nieces and nephews and family in Louisiana. I love Louisiana and getting home to see family and friends.”

Von will headline Comedy Night Palm Springs on July 12 hosted at the legendary Purple Room inside Club Trinidad.

While enjoying a margherita, what he refers to as “A Good Palm Springs Nap”, and catching some sunshine by the pool, Von might just share some of his funny takes on such things as the difference between “white trash folk” and “rednecks”.

  • “Rednecks have a flag. They have Willie Nelson. They have trucks and fishin’.
  • “White trash people have nothing…but other white trash people.”

While his Southern roots remain dear to his heart, Von says he has always been intrigued by what he coins “the television world”.  With a chance opportunity on his college campus, Von took his good looks, natural Southern charm, and keen sense of humor to achieve recognition as a winning star on MTV’s reality show Road Rules and the spinoff series, The Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

His popularity segued into stand-up and eventually, he left the South to pursue comedy in Los Angeles… with an auspicious offer to sleep on a friend’s couch.

His resounding success in comedy and television has taken him to more than 40 countries where he has fostered his love for travel, entertained crowds at top comedy venues and festivals around the world and perhaps, collected items for his scrapbooks.

Von’s Voice

  • Von has been voted “Fan Favorite” as a semi-finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing.
  • Von was named winner of Comedy Central’s Reality Bites Back.
  • Von has been host of Yahoo’s TV recap show, Primetime in No Time, hailed as the most watched daily show on the Internet.

Look for Von to spin tales about his Crank Texting adventures, making fun of everyone in Palm Springs and possibly explain “the seedy things that happen in the South but seem normal to me.”

“I’m not afraid to touch upon things,” Von says. “I know that everything I say comes from a good place so I think that’s a good place to start. You know that you are not causing any trouble and your end goal is to make everyone laugh.”

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