Visionary – Dr. Joel L. Kinnamon

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Strong students and strong workers that meet the needs of local jobs today and those in the future pinpoint College of the Desert’s commitment to its community.

“We know that in order to succeed in the 21st century economy you must be able to compete globally, collaborate regionally and execute locally,” says Dr. Joel L. Kinnamon, Superintendent/President of College of the Desert.

Job creation and economic growth are top priorities for the region and College of the Desert is leading the way to develop the educated workforce needed to staff local industry needs as well as to enhance the region’s competitive advantage.

“In order to diversify and ensure a strong local economy, the skills of our workforce must meet the evolving needs of our employers,” says Kinnamon.

“That’s why we partner with employers, industry leaders, educational professionals, students, and the community to build career pathways and advance the critical skills needed to succeed in tomorrow’s economy.”

The array of careers taught at College of the Desert ranges from agriculture to hospitality management, math and science to the arts, and from health care to solar and alternative fuels.

“Our faculty excels in teaching the latest fundamentals and custom skills training — what we used to call vocational skills,” says Kinnamon. “These are the skills that form a strong foundation for the jobs of the future.”

At College of the Desert the focus is on doing what matters to support student, workforce and community success.

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