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Let the Season Begin!

Palm Springs Life presents the 39th edition of its annual Desert Living issue

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I hope this 39th edition of Palm Springs Life’s annual Desert Living issue will amaze and delight like no other. The ingredients are here, starting with the extraordinary story lineup. Every year our editors and contributing writers stock the September book with A+ material. We begin with Senior Editor Ellen Alperstein’s examination of the wildlife resource management work done by

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The Food Processor

Top Chef’s Gail Simmons is an accidental culinarian on purpose.

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It’s kind of impossible to think of Gail Simmons without thinking of food. The Toronto native has forged a culinary career over the last two decades that’s touched on just about every possible aspect of the food world. She attended cooking school, toiled on the line inside the kitchens of fabled New York restaurants, worked for a world-renowned French chef,

It’s a Wonderful Life

Cutest Pet of the Year contest winner Jackson frolics with his adopted family by the fairways of Mission Hills after being rescued from a water pipe in Mecca

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Jackson, winner of Palm Springs Life’s Cutest Pet Contest, was rescued from a water pipe in the Mecca desert by Loving All Animals and adopted by Valerie Powers Smith and Dr. Mark Smith.