Weekly Palm Springs Radio Show Gives Women a Voice

Michele Weiss, Dee Jae Cox expand reach of their LA non-profit

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Palm Springs residents Michele Weiss and Dee Jae Cox have set out to “give a voice to West Coast women” with a weekly radio show, "California Woman 411", set to air from 10 -11 a.m. Saturdays starting Sept. 21 on KPTR (1450 AM).

Inaugural guests include Palm Springs City Council member Ginny Foat and Coachella Valley Studios co-founder Leanna Bonamici.

The one-hour live broadcast will feature women in the community that inspire and lead in the fields of health, politics, the arts, business, and philanthropy.

Tune in

“You might learn something that motivates you.
 “You might learn something that inspires you.”
 “You might just be educated a little bit more educated about the things that effect you in your life,” says Cox. “We want to give women something that is theirs with topics individual to the female experience that women can relate to and make us think.”

The Team

An expansion of their non-profit, The LA Women’s Theatre Project, Cox will host the radio show, Weiss is executive producer and Nora Gleason rounds out the trio as booking producer.

A lover of theatre and film, Weiss grew up surrounded by creative family and friends in the entertainment business. She is an avid songwriter, and also an experienced radio businessperson who has produced commercials and performed voiceovers.

Cox is a talented writer, playwright, producer and self-described, “women’s advocate, feminist, political junky, and military veteran”.

Host Dee Jae Says:

• “I want to start a conversation about what women really care about.”

• “I don't plan to shy away from anything that piques my interest or curiosity, and that I think other women may be interested in hearing about.”

• “I want to evoke change through awareness and getting rid of fears.”

• “I want to have a variety of guests who may or may not talk about socially acceptable things, but whom I always want to come from a place of honesty.”

• “I’m opinionated – so this show will be fun!”

For more programming information, visit www.californiawoman411.com or call 818-471-9100.

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