Palm Desert’s Tell Board Project

How to Submit Photos to Palm Desert’s Tell Board Project

The city of Palm Desert installed an interactive photography wall at Civic Center Park. Here’s how you can participate.

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Palm Desert’s Tell Board Project

Palm Desert's Tell Board Project.

The real history of a city lies with its residents and the memories that they share. Case in point: A new interactive installation at Palm Desert Civic Center Park showcases the story of Palm Desert’s first 50 years through photography submitted by the local community.

The 8-foot-high homage to the city is easy to find — it sits smack dab in the middle of the rose garden on the west side of the park. Built for The Party in the Park, which took place in November in celebration of the city’s 50th anniversary, the Tell Board is a visual ode to life in Palm Desert. It’s plastered with photos and will remain up for continued participation.


Volunteers stand in front of the Tell Board Project.

The installation mimics the shape of the surrounding mountainscape. One side is plastered with photos; the other features an informative timeline that details city history from incorporation to present day.

The Tell Board will remain at the park, and residents are encouraged to participate by submitting snapshots of your favorite memories in Palm Desert. To upload your photos, visit and scroll down to the “Upload Your Photos” button.

The Party in the Park may be over, but the festivities continue! As Councilmember Kathleen Kelly explains, Palm Desert is celebrating “50 years of investment in people.” And the Tell Board certainly does that.