Deck the Walls

Celebrity photographer Michael Childers "Flaming Creatures" appears with portraits of Andy Warhol and members of his famous New York studio.

Emily Chavous Arts & Entertainment

The series, “Flaming Creatures”, appears alongside portraits Michael Childers captured at the Andy Warhol Factory studio in New York City as well as Warhol’s residence in Paris.

Michael Childers' home

It’s a Fabulous Life

Michael Childers: "...I want to keep going. I’m a high-wire kind of guy and my mind is full of ideas.”

Brantley Bardin Arts & Entertainment, Watch & Listen - Attractions

“I adore all of you!” declares legendary celebrity photographer, producer, and humanitarian Michael Childers to the admiring audience. The man of the hour, looking rock-star rad in a black sharkskin jacket, op-art shirt, and black satiny slacks, is on the mic at the VIP after-party of his annual mega-benefit, One Night Only. Childers, who’s been christened “The Man With the