Life Is a Cabaret

“Gypsy” is not an assumed name. Get that straight. Nor is it a moniker bestowed. Gypsy is a title James Haake earned.

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“Gypsy” is not an assumed name. Get that straight. Nor is it a moniker bestowed. Gypsy is a title James Haake earned and continues to share in Palm Springs.


Classic and Collectible

Car king McCormick puts you in the driver’s tuck-and-roll seat.

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that, after 31 years and dozens of auctions, Keith McCormick would be jaded about classic automobiles and the people who love them. He has met literally everyone from multimillionaires to monarchs — well, at least their cars. Mary Pickford, Howard Hughes, and even King Edward VIII have been represented at McCormick’s Classic Car Auctions, the


Be a Man

Scott Turner Schofield shares his transgender story during Palm Springs Pride Weekend

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Perhaps it’s fitting that it’s an actor — someone whose trade is to pretend to be someone else — who rethinks and challenges what we assume makes a “real man.” Scott Turner Schofield, the actor, storyteller, monologist and gender activist, is perhaps best known as the first transgender actor on daytime television for his breakthrough role on the soap opera,


Playing with Pride

Lesbian and Gay Band Association Conference supplies soundtrack to Palm Springs Pride Weekend.

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This year’s Palm Springs Pride Parade might be able to lay claim to its own version of The Music Man. It might include 76 trombones and 110 cornets right behind. The harmonic convergence is Palm Springs Pride as the city hosts the 2016 Lesbian and Gay Band Association Conference over the same weekend. More than 400 participants in the LGBA


The Real Thing

How thoughtful that the producers 
of the Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals located those events so close to Indio

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Coachella and Stageoach festivalgoers have no excuse not to sample some of the best Mexican food in the valley.

Palm Springs Modern Bakelite

A Movement, a Moment

Meet the local design professionals who raise the bar 
at the Modernism Show & Sale

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Since 2001, the Modernism Show & Sale has ignited the modern aesthetic resurgence by bringing to the Palm Springs Convention Center a jaw-dropping collection from all over the world.