Market Watch — Prices Increase, Sales Decrease

Fewer distress sales affect overall home-sale numbers, as price normalization sets in

Vic McDonald Market Watch, Real Estate

The median price per square foot for the Coachella Valley rose another 4 percent to $135 in January — a three-month increase of 14 percent. Market Watch projects a year-end price of $150, assuming sales pick up in the next few months.

The Return of Real Estate

Indicators signal steady gains in home prices

Vic McDonald Real Estate

Housing statistics show the median price per square foot for all houses in the Coachella Valley increased $5 to $126 in November 2012. Gains maintained through the slow season indicate that prices will likely advance again early this year.

REAL ESTATE — Bottoms Up!

As inventory declines, housing prices rise from last September’s low point.

Vic McDonald Market Watch, Real Estate

From statistics, we know the bottom for home prices throughout the Coachella Valley generally occurred in September 2011. Because of this, home prices as of Oct. 1 are ideal to show the year-over-year percentage change.

Market Watch – Bouncing Back

Low rates and home prices boost the affordability index

Vic McDonald Market Watch, Real Estate

It’s always good to look at the long-term picture after any housing or financial crisis. The charts below show the median price of homes throughout Riverside County from 1982 to the present and the Riverside County affordability index.