la serena

A Nod to the Past

La Serena Villas’ luxury features recapture the property’s romantic allure of the 1930s.

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In the 1930s, when Palm Springs visitors might have rolled into town humming “In the Mood” or “Cheek to Cheek,” the white Spanish-eclectic bungalows at La Serena Villas were a popular hideout for those seeking a leisurely romantic getaway. The musical score of our lives has changed, but romance is alive and well again at this property on South Belardo

holiday house

Cool Blue

Holiday House retains its 1951 roots while making shift from hotel to destination.

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If the triumphant return of the 28-room Holiday House hotel does nothing else, it confirms the ascension of the historic Tennis Club district of downtown Palm Springs to the height of the desert’s boutique hotel firmament. Of course, the hotel was there all along, but now it’s been spruced up like never before. When it opened as a single-story hotel back

View from Hyatt Palm Springs balcony.

The Center of Everything

The Hyatt Palm Springs offers easy access to the unique offerings of Palm Canyon Drive.

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Staying in downtown Palm Springs does not mean being dropped into the middle of a bustling metropolis. But what it does mean is being immersed into the unique and diverse culture where resort town meets chic. You’ll find distinct treasures, souvenirs, and experiences in the distinct stores that line Palm Canyon Drive. “Palm Canyon has such a treasure trove of

salton sea weekend

Water in the Desert

From your headquarters at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, explore the timeless Salton Sea area for a weekend of adventures and indulgences

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The Salton Sea is a historical accident. Created between 1905 and 1907 when the Colorado River water broke through canals in Imperial County’s irrigation system, it looks like a landscape that time forgot. Sand, mountains, palms, abandoned buildings, a burnt out, sun drenched poetic atmosphere that attracts the curious and the adventurous. And yet it makes a great backdrop for