monica orozco

Wigging Out

For photographer 
Monica Orozco, self-expression 
is all about the frippery.

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CAMEO It’s midafternoon on a weekday in the Movie Colony neighborhood of Palm Springs and self-portrait photographer Monica Orozco is lounging around the plush bedroom of a midcentury estate. “I should probably put a bit of lipstick on,” she says, pursing her lips at the vanity mirror. She swivels open a stick of MAC lip color and swipes on the

Robert Imber

Architectural Ace

Robert Imber has made it his mission to tell the Palm Spring story as a passionate advocate for its architecture.

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Robert Imber recalls coming to Palm Springs with his parents during much of his childhood, but recalls nothing about the architecture. Now he can’t stop talking about it. Imber is the best ambassador of architecture that Palm Springs could ever hope for. He runs his own tour service, Palm Springs Modern Tours, which he began when he moved to the

Maximum Minimalism

The Palm Springs Art Museum propels modernism to the forefront with its new Architecture and Design Center, Edwards Harris Pavilion.

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The design motif of midcentury modern and the buildings created here in that aesthetic are now the subject of best-selling coffee-table books, entries in national architectural registers, and the focus of the annual 10-day celebration called “Modernism Week.”