Homestead Modern Taps Into Cabin Retreat

The next wave of high tech meets the desert development. Organic apple vinegar applied to raw steel gives this rustic patina finish to each Homestead Modern cabin.

Maria Zang Modernism, Watch & Listen - Modern

Dave McAdam of Homestead Modern is banking on the current wave of baby boomers who want to recapture the homesteader wave of 50 years ago in the high desert area north of Palm Springs.

Maximum Minimalism

The Palm Springs Art Museum propels modernism to the forefront with its new Architecture and Design Center, Edwards Harris Pavilion.

Stewart Weiner Modernism, Watch & Listen - Modern

The design motif of midcentury modern and the buildings created here in that aesthetic are now the subject of best-selling coffee-table books, entries in national architectural registers, and the focus of the annual 10-day celebration called “Modernism Week.”