Mr. Anonymous

The story Frank didn't want you to read

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Frank Sinatra didn’t want any rousing hosannas for a lot of the things he did personally for others. Many never even knew who their guardian angel was.


Frank Sinatra collected dozens of friends along the way. But it wasn’t always nice ’n’ easy.

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While Frank Sinatra could claim to have hundreds of “friends,” there were levels to the meaning.

Schurr Joy

The Palm Springs Women’s Jazz Festival knew a sure thing when it booked singer Diane Schuur.

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The Palm Springs Women’s Jazz Festival deserves the spotlight, especially when it kicks off with a concert by Diane Schuur on Oct. 9.

Diane Schurr's Top 10 Albums

Singer on her picks: "I don’t know why I like it. I just do.”

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Watching Diane Schuur listen to some of her favorite music- — the way she rocks back and forth, her fingers in constant motion, the broad beaming smile that lights up her face — is nearly as delightful as the music itself.


Bing Crosby and Bob Hope loved the game of golf. Frank Sinatra loved the way the game brought people together

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To Frank Sinatra, golf was not an end in itself; it was a means to an end. And a helluva good way to hang out with friends.

Let’s Get Away From it All

Palm Springs was a sanctuary for Frank Sinatra during the ups and downs of his career, through marriages, divorces, and deaths. And it all happened within these walls.

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In 1947, Frank Sinatra had become a millionaire, and so he followed the lead of many other show business millionaires — he headed to Palm Springs.

Crime Pays

Burn Notice creator and Bermuda Dunes native Matt Nix transforms the criminally challenged characters from his childhood on the mean streets of Bermuda Dunes into cutting–edge shows

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If it hadn’t been for some of the shady characters Matt Nix met while growing up here, we never would have been introduced to Nix’s criminally inspired hit TV series, Burn Notice.

Good Neighbor Sam

Architectural designer Sam Cardella brings classic buildings back to life in neighborhoods around the desert

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The Playboy mansion needs a little sprucing up? Robson Chambers’ historic home patiently awaits a little loving restoration? William Pereira’s footprint in the desert not big enough? Better call Sam Cardella.

The Case for Country Clubs

With golf’s appeal receding, America’s diversity growing, and millennials’ tastes changing, are country clubs still relevant? The smart money is betting yes

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The country club, that kissing cousin of the city club, has long held a firm grip on America’s imagination.

The Shape of Something to Come

The Aluminaire House is headed for Palm Springs. 
Here’s how to sound smart about it

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Plans are now firm for the next big attraction for Palm Springs, an installation that may rival the Marilyn Monroe statue, at least for architecture fans. It is the famous Aluminaire House.