La Chureya Estate

Rustic Wedding Romance at a Spanish Villa

Betsy and Cyrus Marshall update the farmhouse-chic trend at La Chureya Estate in Palm Springs’ Vista Las Palmas neighborhood.

Lisa Marie Hart Weddings Planner

These two creative types — he’s a video director, she’s a makeup artist — crafted a destination wedding with a dash of vintage flair for guests arriving from coast to coast. The little-known La Chureya Estate kept the party completely private on more than an acre of beautiful Vista Las Palmas land. The five-bedroom villa’s authentic Spanish architecture provided a



A judicious use of bold color makes a successful marriage with a predominantly achromatic backdrop.

Janice Kleinschmidt. Interior Design

Two stark homes prove that a minimal pop of color is all you need to invigorate a space. Ossie Saguil describes the former state of his 1960s-built Seven Lakes Country Club condo as a “fairly nondescript rental” awash in beige. When he and Craig Mann purchased it, they ditched the beige tiles in favor of slate and painted the walls