bighorn sheep

The Hills Are Alive

Peninsular bighorn sheep are superbly adapted to their mountainous desert home. Bighorn Institute is finding success helping humans become better neighbors.

Ellen Alperstein Watch & Listen - Attractions

NATURE Six hikers shade their eyes and squint toward rocky folds and craggy outcroppings a few hundred feet away along the steep southern face of Oswit Canyon. A couple of them peer through binoculars, scanning the hot, dry, inhospitable hillside. Although it seems just desolate desert, this neighborhood is deceptively vibrant. It’s home to a complicated ecosystem that includes lifeforms

Spa Resort Casino sand sculpture

Bring the Beach to Palm Springs

Sandscapes' sculpture remains from Spa Resort Casino's special event (as long as rain stays away)

JIM POWERS Attractions, Watch & Listen - Attractions

A bit of the beach experience remains at the Spa Resort Casino’s south parking lot in Palm Springs for potentially the duration of the summer. The sand sculpture courtesy of Sandscapes was created for the casino’s Sandsational Summer outdoor festival on July 2. The triple-digit heat may make desert dwellers scamper for shade, but it has no impact on the

Rehearsal of Footloose Palm Springs at Palm Canyon Theatre

Kick off Your Sunday Shoes

"Footloose" closes out the Palm Canyon Theatre season with a rousing reason to get up and dance

Emily Chavous Arts & Entertainment, Watch & Listen - Attractions

Jacqueline LeBlanc grew up at Palm Canyon Theatre in Palm Springs. She joined the community theater’s Kids Camp at the tender age of 8, and made her acting debut in a main-stage show when she was 12. Thirteen years later, LeBlanc, 25, has two-stepped from child actor to choreographer, hoofing it with her fellow cast members for Palm Canyon’s upcoming

Fire Poi dancer at IgNight Conference

Ready to IgNight the Desert

Palm Springs woman finds her focus, comradery juggling fire with like-minded performers

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Jenna Lamb didn’t have to run away to join the circus. Growing up in Delaware, she found equestrian vaulting — a disciplined form of trick riding involving gymnastics and dance on horseback. Attracted to the combination of performance with an edge, she attended circus camp and even produced an act called “Jenna’s Rockin’ Circus Show” for a local children’s hospital That