Lab Lips

Makeup maven Pat McGrath makes a splash at Sephora.

Wendy Duren Health & Wellness

Now comes the Pat McGrath Labs permanent collection, available at Sephora and, which makes you look like you’re about to hit the catwalk.


The Eyes Have It

Chasing the dream of the ultimate cream.

Wendy Duren Health & Wellness

There’s a good chance the first one you try won’t be the best eye cream for you. But the perfect eye cream for you is out there. Now, open your eyes and start looking.

top beauty holiday gifts


Go on, it’s the holidays. Live a little.

Wendy Duren Health & Wellness

All year, as I test and try out various beauty agents, I categorize products. My favorites are the items deemed Worth the Splurge: Top Beauty Holiday Gifts.



A few tips for taming bits 
of the man jungle.

Wendy Duren Health & Wellness

BEAUTY Hey, fellas? I’d like to chat with you about an educational film my junior high health class was forced to watch: Some of Your Bits Ain’t Nice. The filmmakers wanted to impress upon our puberty-laden minds that washing hands, brushing teeth, and bathing were central to attractiveness. At that time cleanliness was all it took to not be repellent.

skin-care masks

Who Is That Masked Woman?

It’s really a game of hide and show.

Wendy Duren Health & Wellness

BEAUTY I recently told someone I’d jumped back into skin-care masking. This isn’t an entirely true statement since I’d never jumped out. My beauty shelves are laden with face masks: clay, honey, marine algae, charcoal, and things with odd names of whose origin I’m not entirely sure. You name it, and I have it and use it with some regularity.

beauty primers

Primary Colors

Think of it like building a house: You have to work from the ground up.

Wendy Duren 111 East, Health & Wellness

BEAUTY If the slew of texts I received from girlfriends recently are any indication, the average and even occasional makeup wearer has questions about makeup primers. How do I use this stuff? What’s this supposed to do for me? Is the extra step worth it? Which primer do you suggest? This behind-the-scenes product seems to be everywhere you look. Cosmetics


Keeping on Your Toes

It’s summer and your sandaled feet 
will be on full view wherever you go.

Wendy Duren Health & Wellness

BEAUTY Sandal season took longer than usual to arrive this year (when was the last time there was snow on the mountains in April?), which means we all had a little too much time to be lazy about foot care. I can admit it: When my feet are covered up, I don’t think about changing the polish on my toes

the peel bar


Facial care sometimes calls for emergency treatment. Stat!

Wendy Duren Health & Wellness

BEAUTY I happened to be in the beauty department of our local Saks Fifth Avenue on a recent Thursday afternoon with my shopping date, Jill, when we heard an announcement about an aesthetician offering a no-downtime facial peel. I’m not all that keen on skin care procedures performed in a bustling, potentially unhygienic department store. However, after hearing the Bobbi

charlotte tilbury

Going Mobile

When you’re drivin’ free, the world’s your home (apologies to The Who).

Wendy Duren Health & Wellness

BEAUTY Cotton swabs, blotting paper, and my lipstick-of-the-day are usually the only items in my arsenal of on-the-go beauty products. But for any beauty-loving music reveler dancing on the grassy polo fields in Indio this month, these items alone won’t be enough to combat hours of merriment, temperatures that fluctuate between scorching and frigid, and Lawrence of Arabia levels of

Woman Beauty

Machine Age

You’re just a click away . . .

Wendy Duren Health & Wellness

BEAUTY In the 1970s, my mother had some odd contraptions she used in the name of beauty. I can only assume they were the high-tech gadgets and tools of the time and, if that’s the case, what dark times they were. The Bride of Frankenstein reanimation scene comes to mind. There was the Facial Beautifying Mist from Lady Schick, a