top lawyers 2020

Top Lawyers 2020

When you need legal advice, refer to this list for the best counselors in the Coachella Valley.

Steven Biller Current PSL, Top Lawyers

When faced with a legal challenge, refer to this list for the best lawyers in the Coachella Valley from Palm Springs Life.

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Top Lawyers 2019

Palm Springs Life partnered with the research firm DataJoe to Identify legal eagles in 30 specialties.

Steven Biller Current PSL, Top Lawyers

To help you find the right counsel, Palm Springs Life has partnered with the research company DataJoe to produce a list of the top lawyers in the desert.

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Top Lawyers 2017

Kent Black Top Lawyers

This last year I found out from personal experience — hard personal experience — the truth of that old adage that if you really need a lawyer, make sure you get the very best. Expert legal advice eradicated my stress, allowed me to sleep at night, and helped me navigate a potentially treacherous path through civil court. It wasn’t cheap,

Palm Springs Top Lawyers

114 Legal Eagles 2016

All the jokes about lawyers are pretty funny. Until you need one. When you do, these are proven winners

Kent Black Top Lawyers

Certain professions — doctor, plumber, auto mechanic, and lawyer — are absolutely essential to civilized living. Like many of my colleagues I informally surveyed, I have needed legal advice only occasionally. I’ve retained only three lawyers in my adult life, two with the same firm. All my cases had either neutral or favorable outcomes. The fact is, good legal advice

2015 Top Lawyers

An independent firm selects 83 Coachella Valley attorneys in 20 specialties

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Palm Springs Life has partnered with Avvo — a Seattle-based company that rates and profiles attorneys nationwide — to provide a detailed resource guide for Coachella Valley lawyers.

Top Lawyers

An Independent Firm Selects 77 Coachella Valley Attorneys in 20 Specialties

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When a legal situation befalls you, the safest turn is to a trusted source for quality attorney referrals.