Beyond Coachella

It’s more than music: The special events outside the Empire Polo Grounds.

Michele McManmon Arts & Entertainment

Whether you have a pass to attend the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival or if you are not so fortunate, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the vibe at events outside the Empire Polo Grounds.

los lobos

La Bamba,Baby

Thirty years after the movie made their music a hit, Los Lobos remains steadfast in its mix of pop and Latino heritage with a second Stagecoach appearance on tap.

Michele McManmon Arts & Entertainment

Los Lobos in Spanish means “the wolves”, so when this East Los Angeles band formed in 1973 they reached into their cultural heritage for a meaningful name. Infusing popular music with their Latino heritage has been a staple for the group since their first hit song, “How will the wolf survive”. This musical style rocketed Los Lobos into supstardom when

coachella valley music and arts festival

The Party Never Stops

Without a ticket to Coachella or Stagecoach? The celebration is not confined to just the Empire Polo grounds in Indio. Here's a list of related events.

Michele McManmon Arts & Entertainment

The celebration at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and Stagecoach Festival is not confined to the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio. There are plenty of chances to engage in the party. Here is a list of events with a disclaimer that there may be some that we missed. Also note, many events are restricted to adults, 21 and older.

little dragon

Coachella’s Triple Threat

This fierce Swedish electronic band returns to the Empire Polo Fields as a Grammy nominated force to be reckoned with.

Michele McManmon Arts & Entertainment

Coachella 2017’s triple threat is Little Dragon. This fierce Swedish electronic band returns to the Empire Polo Fields as a Grammy nominated, global music sensation that is now known for wild stage performances as well as innovative dance music. In 1997 when the band began freshman year of high school, lead singer Yukimi Nagano’s spurts of anger during the creative

Duran Duran

Still “Hungry Like The Wolf”

Duran Duran’s connection to Coachella makes their return to the desert extra special.

Michele McManmon Arts & Entertainment

After making its mark in the 1980s, Duran Duran blasted back into the music scene in 2014 on a hazy, golden-desert sunlit stage at Coachella. The warm breeze brushed across Roger Taylor’s hair as he held his drumsticks and prepped to play his first festival set. With 14 albums, 11 Billboard Top 10 singles, and innovative music videos comprising a