The Developers – Roy and Bob Fey

When It Began

Site Staff PSL and Villager, Real Estate

When Roy Fey moved his family to Palm Springs from Chicago in 1956, he intended to finish construction of the Desert Skies Hotel and then move on to other interests. Developments such as Canyon View Estates, Canyon Apartments, Canyon West Estates and Canyon Vistas Estates are all projects built by Fey

George Hurrell

His photographs recall Hollywood’s truly glamorous days

Sharon Apfelbaum PSL and Villager

George Hurrell’s camera, clicking since the 1930s, has created the ultimate atmosphere of romance and those archetypal images of men and women the world still cherishes.

Lawrence Welk

The Champagne Music Man bubbles on, and on, and on…

Helen Zukowski PSL and Villager

It’s 10:30 Tuesday morning in Studio 31 at CBS, and they’re well into rehearsal for the umpteen-hundreth taping of the Most Unlikely Success Story on Television.

Dr Seuss – We Love Youse!

But, as a small boy once asked, who thunk you up?

Dolly Maw PSL and Villager

Dr. Seuss, really Theodor Seuss Geisel of La Jolla, California, is practically a household deity, from Masai huts in Africa to palaces in Great Britain.

El Mirador – A Grand Hotel

El Mirador had a style and charm which reflected a time of graciousness and conviviality.

Elmer Peterson PSL and Villager

It had 165 rooms to start with, and it once was advertised, with exuberant use of words, as “a magnificent palace of splendor.” More simply stated — a true luxury hotel.

Robert Altman – One Dream Equals 3 Women

Robert Altman, the perplexing director, creates a free-form movie in the desert

Dori Lundy PSL and Villager

Robert Altman is either loved or hated. Either way, he probably is understood only vaguely. Hollywood’s current most intriguing director is an enigma, more so even in person than on Celluloid.