Lawrence Welk

The Champagne Music Man bubbles on, and on, and on…

Helen Zukowski PSL and Villager 0 Comments

It’s 10:30 Tuesday morning in Studio 31 at CBS, and they’re well into rehearsal for the umpteen-hundreth taping of the Most Unlikely Success Story on Television.

George Hurrell

His photographs recall Hollywood’s truly glamorous days

Sharon Apfelbaum PSL and Villager 0 Comments

George Hurrell’s camera, clicking since the 1930s, has created the ultimate atmosphere of romance and those archetypal images of men and women the world still cherishes.

El Mirador – A Grand Hotel

El Mirador had a style and charm which reflected a time of graciousness and conviviality.

Elmer Peterson PSL and Villager 0 Comments

It had 165 rooms to start with, and it once was advertised, with exuberant use of words, as “a magnificent palace of splendor.” More simply stated — a true luxury hotel.