It’s Alive!

Can a living wall thrive in the desert? Where there’s a pro, there’s a way.

Lisa Marie Hart Interior Design, Real Estate

In the desert, living walls work best inside. They are maintained by a computerized automatic watering system or by hand, but living walls still require professional maintenance weekly.


Dream Kitchens

These appliance design trends are starting a feeding frenzy.

Site Staff Interior Design, Real Estate

Everyone, it seems, wants a new kitchen. Michael Rhodes, senior director of retail at Pacific Sales Kitchen & Home, reveals some of the trends.


Modern Family

Playful colors and durable materials meet grown-up sensibility in this interior designed for all ages.

Shelly Cannon Interior Design, Real Estate

Interior designer Jeff Valenson, of Los Angeles–based Jeff Valenson Design, has created a home at Toscana Country Club that unites traditional elements with a clean, modern aesthetic.