It’s Alive!

Can a living wall thrive in the desert? Where there’s a pro, there’s a way.

Lisa Marie Hart Interior Design, Real Estate

In the desert, living walls work best inside. They are maintained by a computerized automatic watering system or by hand, but living walls still require professional maintenance weekly.


Dream Kitchens

These appliance design trends are starting a feeding frenzy.

Site Staff Interior Design, Real Estate

Everyone, it seems, wants a new kitchen. Michael Rhodes, senior director of retail at Pacific Sales Kitchen & Home, reveals some of the trends.


Modern Family

Playful colors and durable materials meet grown-up sensibility in this Interio designed for all ages.

Shelly Cannon Interior Design, Real Estate

Interior designer Jeff Valenson, of Los Angeles–based Jeff Valenson Design, has created a home at Toscana Country Club that unites traditional elements with a clean, modern aesthetic.

deserts finest medical marijuana

High-Minded Dispensary Design

A desert-inspired color palette mixes with midcentury accents to create a unique, boutique-style marijuana dispensary in Desert Hot Springs.

Lawrence Karol Interior Design

Recreational marijuana will be legal in California as of Jan. 1, 2018, and the proliferation of dispensaries and proposed retail pot shops (one has even been approved for the tony El Paseo shopping district in Palm Desert) means that business owners are getting more competitive with architecture and design to attract clientele. Desert’s Finest Medical Marijuana recently opened in Desert

working at home

Working at Home

Interior designer and showroom owner 
Richard Read shares three concepts he pulled 
off in his own spaces.

Lisa Marie Hart Interior Design

“Whether it’s a pillow, fabric, or artwork, find something that inspires your palette. This room (top right) was designed using the antique French poster as an inspiration for color selection. I chose charcoal blue for the sofas, a beige rug for contrast, and pops of orange, yellow, and gold to create a consistent color theme throughout.” Mongolian fur barstools from