steve lieberman

In the Right Light

SJ Lighting founder Steve Lieberman energizes and illuminates Coachella's Yuma Tent.

Erin Peters Arts & Entertainment

The big beat drops, timed perfectly with spectacular light choreography, are responsible for those glorious goose bumps and contagious grins on the dance floor. And the man driving these emotional responses and sensory overload at nearly every large EDM festival around the world will be at the Yuma tent again during Weekend 2 of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts


Dreamcar Brings New Sound to Coachella

No Doubt members and AFI frontman help create a New Wave-inspired supergroup just beginning to be heard by loyal fans.

Erin Peters Arts & Entertainment

Formed in 2014, No Doubt members Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont and Adrian Young have teamed up with goth-punk AFI frontman Davey Havok to form Dreamcar. Their self-titled, ’80s-influenced 12-song debut album is due out May 12. They will follow-up their appearance at the Coachella Valey Music and Arts Festival with a show April 22 during Weekend 2. Palm Springs Life


Honne Makes Inaugural Appearance at Coachella

James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck say artists like Kendrick Lamar have influenced their music, which is making its debut at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Erin Peters Arts & Entertainment

Imagine attending one of the biggest music festivals in the world for the first time — the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival — traveling halfway around the world to do so, and it’s the same year you’re taking the stage. With soulful, languid vocals, seductive lyrics and funky, silky synths, Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcher as Honne bring old school,

little dragon

Coachella’s Triple Threat

This fierce Swedish electronic band returns to the Empire Polo Fields as a Grammy nominated force to be reckoned with.

Michele McManmon Arts & Entertainment

Coachella 2017’s triple threat is Little Dragon. This fierce Swedish electronic band returns to the Empire Polo Fields as a Grammy nominated, global music sensation that is now known for wild stage performances as well as innovative dance music. In 1997 when the band began freshman year of high school, lead singer Yukimi Nagano’s spurts of anger during the creative

Pink Satellite Studios

Abbey Road Warrior

A post-apocalyptic backdrop plays host to trophy guitars, midcentury microphones, 
spa cocktails, and first-class lodging.

Lisa Marie Hart Arts & Entertainment

Led Zeppelin went to Headley Grange, an ivy-enveloped 18th-century English workhouse. Sting holed up in a French château. Since musicians met amplifiers, legendary acts have set up their recording gear in locales they sense will inspire their best work. When it does, insiders talk and soon the place is booked solid. From a cramped Detroit basement that churned out Motown’s

billy steinberg

Not at All Like a Virgin

Veteran songwriter Billy Steinberg may have grown up among the Palm Springs elite, but it was with his own pen that he wrote himself to the top.

Brantley Bardin Arts & Entertainment

MUSIC It wasn’t Madonna who was “touched for the very first time like a virgin,” it was lyricist Billy Steinberg. It wasn’t Cyndi Lauper who first saw “your true colors shining through,” no, it was the Palm Springs native, Steinberg. The Grammy Award–winning, Songwriters Hall of Fame–inducted songwriter also penned that delectable, Divinyls-delivered line, “When I think about you, I

david lee murphy

He’s All About Country

David Lee Murphy shares his love for music at ‘The Songwriters’ event during The Warburton Celebrity Golf Tournament fundraiser.

GREG ARCHER Arts & Entertainment

More than 20 years ago, David Lee Murphy climbed the Billboard country charts with “Just Once” and soon found himself saddling up for fame with a series of plucky albums, such as Gettin’ Out the Good Stuff and We Can’t All Be Angels. His Billboard country chart-topper “Dust on the Bottle,” may remain his personal favorite, but when all is