Explore Palm Springs: TKO on Boxing

Promoter's bid to hold boxing match at Riviera Hotel in January 1964 is denied by Palm Springs City Council.

Renee Brown History

In January 1964, Palm Springs city council members were surprised to discover a legal notice had been published in the newspaper for a boxing event Feb. 3 at the Riviera Hotel.

desert dreamers 5

Desert Dreamers 5: The Eccentric Visionaries

There is no doubt that the limitless possibilities offered by the desert often attract the most eccentric personalities. But it would be a mistake to call them crazy. It sometimes takes a generation or two to discover the genius of a nutball.

Kent Black History

In Desert Dreamers 5, there is no doubt that the limitless possibilities offered by the desert often attract the most eccentric personalities.

palm springs field club

Explore Palm Springs: Equestrian Field Club

Horseback riding dominated the early history of Palm Springs among a wealth of outdoor activities.

Renee Brown History

There were nine stables in Palm Springs in the 1930s. Many of these stables were located along Avenida Caballeros, which translates to “Avenue of the Cowboys”. In November of 1935, a group of villagers including many of the same businessmen who were actively garnering support for the city’s incorporation, came together and formed the Palm Springs Field Club. Members of

el miradol hotel

Explore Palm Springs: Bavarian Beer Festival

Began in 1952 when the El Mirador Hotel reopened under the ownership of Ray Ryan.

Renee Brown History

The Bavarian Beer Festival at El Mirador Hotel began in 1952 when the hotel reopened under the ownership of Ray Ryan. Ryan purchased the property after it had been decommissioned as an Army hospital. He updated the painting and remodeled the pool. When he opened the doors, he initiated many unique events that added a new appeal not only to

college of the desert

Explore Palm Springs: College of the Desert

October 1958 judging produces name for Palm Desert campus.

Renee Brown History

On Oct. 28, 1958, The Desert Sun, in conjunction with the Coachella Valley Junior College District, announced that judges had selected the name “College of the Desert” from over 95 submissions from residents of Palm Springs Unified School District and Coachella Valley Union High School District, which together comprised the Coachella Valley Junior College District. The winner of the contest,

palm springs fire department

Explore Palm Springs: Welcome New Fire Truck

The Palm Springs Fire Department welcomed a new Mack fire truck to the lineup in September 1940.

Renee Brown History

Rated as one of the finest small town fire departments in the west, the Palm Springs Fire Department welcomed a new MACK Model 95 fire truck to the department’s lineup Sept. 6, 1940. Credit for the substantial addition was given to fire chief, Bill Leonesio, and three of the fire commissioners, John Kline, Alvah Hicks, and Charles Bosworth, who had

1930, Fred Clatworthy and his wife at their home at the top of West Ramon Road, Palm Springs.

Explore Palm Springs: Selling A View

Developer John Robertson had visions of grandeur in selling prime downtown land in 1936, but the plan just suddenly disappeared.

Renee Brown History

In September of 1936, John Robertson, a capitalist from Pueblo, Colorado and Beverly Hills, California, purchased 330 acres of land from Fred Payne Clatworthy that extended north from the base of Tahquitz Canyon to the O’Donnell golf course in Palm Springs. Clatworthy, a Palm Springs villager, was also a world famous autochrome photographer. He worked for National Geographic magazine, and