Take That First Step

The new year is for setting goals, knowing you will make a few and miss some others. But you can enjoy the journey just the same.

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Even though some January resolutions have a history of dissolving into the crisp February air, the secret to keeping those promises can be found at Greater Palm Springs spas.

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Glow with the Season

As the great annual shopping, celebrating, sipping and stressing holiday season opens, desert spas are whipping up celebrations and specials.

Carolyn Patten Health & Wellness

As the great annual spas holiday season opens, enjoy your shopping and celebrating knowing Greater Palm Springs spas are whipping up celebrations and specials to make every face glow, every muscle relax, and every body happy. A few of the most festive this month include: Palm Springs Yacht Club at Parker Palm Springs has a fresh new decor and layout

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Calm for a Cure

From the scents that match the transition to fall and specials that raise dollars for the fight against cancer, desert spas help you feel the change.

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Autumn’s cooler days and brisker pace call for a bit of a beauty reboot after lazing around the pool all summer. It’s time to cleanse, plump up, and fortify that dried-out skin. Kick-start the polishing process at one of our desert spas, where fall specials raise funds for cancer research. Let’s face it, a super-posh treatment is exactly what each


Defying Gravity

Desert Serenity’s float pods let your mind escape and your body heal.

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Cell phone off, body cleansed, I dip a toe into Desert Serenity Float’s pod, a one-person, egg-shaped pool. The water is warm, dense, and inviting. As I ease in, buoyancy takes over and my body naturally reclines into effortless suspension. The result is nearly instantaneous — pure, untethered relaxation. Soft music plays a few more moments, but I kill the

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September’s Sweetest Spa Deals

Experience the very best of Greater Palm Springs’ spas at a bargain price.

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The desert’s spas are justly known as some of the most soothing and luxurious in Southern California, and that excellence often carries a hefty price tag. But savvy spagoers know that —depending on the month, the day of the week, and the spa — there are great deals to be had on rejuvenating facials, tension-relieving massages, and lush body treatments.