The Inside Crowd

Just because it’s 110 degrees outside and you could fry an egg on your face, don’t give up on your dedication to fitness. Just move it indoors.

Emily Black Health & Wellness

One afternoon after a spin class, as I proudly mopped up the puddle of sweat beneath the bike, my daydream about an ice-cold martini and a huge bowl of pistachio ice cream (consumed in precisely that order) was interrupted when I heard a woman talking about running during the summer. In the desert. In the 100-super-plus-degree heat. At first I

stem cell therapy

A Stem in Time Saves Nine

For aging athletes, stem cell therapy may offer a painless future.

Shelly Cannon Health & Wellness

If that relentless tennis elbow or perpetual plantar fasciitis is cramping your lifestyle, regenerative medicine is great news. An array of modalities for treating pain that were once only within the purview of professional athletes are now available to everyone. Catering to active adults who want to sustain a healthy, exercise-centric regimen, regenerative medicine aims to offer a new lease

Tour de Palm Springs

Wheels of Fortune

The 19th annual Tour de Palm Springs 
sets its sights on local charities.

Leighton Ginn Attractions, Biking

The Tour de Palm Springs started with a simple conversation between brothers. Local businessman Tim Esser was having a beer with his brother Pat when he asked, “If you were going to die, what would you regret not doing in this world?” Pat replied, “I think my biggest regret would be not helping my fellow man enough.” Esser didn’t know