marty massiello

Marty Massiello

Executive Vice President/COO, Eisenhower Medical Center.

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A growing population, expanding medical facilities, and cutting-edge technology create plenty of opportunity to work in healthcare in the Coachella Valley. As Eisenhower’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, Marty Massiello manages the change at the hospital’s main campus in Rancho Mirage, as well as its clinics throughout the area. And he’s always recruiting. “You can have a fulfilling

wedding couples

Real Weddings

Meet 10 couples who celebrated their unique 
styles at outstanding venues.

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An unexpected downpour added to the striking contrasts of this ultra-modern bash. Fiercely stylish and nontraditional, the couple delivered umbrellas to guests’ rooms and outsmarted the rain under a canopy on the Avalon lawn. Smoke-toned ghost chairs, onyx goblets, and custom chandeliers complemented the bride’s sultry bouquet. This pair broke into a choreographed hip-hop number for their first dance. Event

billy jean king

King Still Reigns

Billie Jean King 'elevates' the discussion about gender equality during the Inspiring Women in Sports Conference in Rancho Mirage.


Tennis great Billie Jean King will hit the big screen next fall when Emma Stone and Steve Carrell recapture the classic 1973 “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match between herself and Bobby Riggs. The duel has been made into a feature film of the same name, which occurred during the height of the Women’s Rights movement. Time has changed the

Michael Phelps

Solid Gold

Michael Phelps’ next Olympian goal is a better world for children.

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GIVE BACK There are storybook endings, and then there is Michael Phelps’ grand Olympic finale last summer in Rio. Movie stars, athletes, politicians, even file clerks want to go out on their own terms. Phelps is no exception. He did it his way. He is, of course, the most decorated athlete in the history of the Olympic Games, once deemed

michael phelps

Michael Phelps to Make Valley Appearance

Most decorated American Olympic swimmer headlines Annual Champion Honors Luncheon to benefit Barbara Sinatra Children's Center.

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Michael Phelps, the American swimmer and holder of 23 Olympic gold medals, will headline the Annual Champion Honors Luncheon to benefit the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center as the 2017 Champion Honoree. Phelps, who holds the all-time records for Olympic gold medals (23), Olympic gold medals in individual events (13), and Olympic medals in individual events (16),  will conduct a rare and unforgettable intimate conversation with

Biggest Loser or 
First-Time Finisher

You can win with fitness, fun runs across the valley.

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It’s time to hit the ground running with several fitness events in December for walkers, runners, and triathletes. There’s still time to register for these races, but sideline cheerleaders need no advance preparation. Serious runners, bikers, and swimmers might even motivate you … for the next time. Here’s a lineup of area races.


We Vow to Provide Entertainment Tonight

A radical choice of eclectic music or entertainment cinches a memorable wedding.

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Who doesn’t love a club-worthy wedding DJ or a live band that brings the house down? And, who doesn’t loathe a mediocre or awful one? Eye-rolling and early guest departures are a sure sign that the wedding entertainment has taken a terribly wrong turn. Not the way you want your first party as a married couple to end. In Greater

bathing suit history

Seven Culture-Shattering Moments in Bathing Suit History

Before the Olympic age, it was more common to sink than swim

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With swimming dominating the first week of the Rio Olympics 2016, here are seven moments that brought the sport and the bathing suit into play. 1 Recreational public swimming became popular in the early 19th century (although a quick dip 
au naturel undoubtedly preceded the apple bite). Women typically wore long gowns that would billow immodestly in waist-high water, so

Vintage photo of children in municipal swimming pool Palm Springs

Explore Palm Springs: Splish, Splash

A municipal pool opens at a couple's Old Las Palmas home in June 1945

Renee Brown History

One of Palm Springs’ first municipal swimming pools was opened at a neighborhood home in June 1945, and 25 eager swimmers showed up.