Tiffanys Sweet Spot

Let Them Make Cupcakes

The owners of La Quinta’s preeminent sweet spot — and former Cupcake Wars 
contestants — dish on their inspirations and flavors.

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The owners of La Quinta’s preeminent sweet spot, Tiffany’s Sweet Spot, and former “Cupcake Wars” 
contestants, dish on their inspirations and flavors.


By Land, Air, and Steed

For almost seven decades, dedicated volunteers have traversed the mountains and canyons of the Coachella Valley to rescue the injured or lost.

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Every once in a while, the faint whirring of a helicopter’s blades passes overhead as the Palm Springs Mounted Police Search and Rescue saves the day.


The Truth Is Out There

Prep for Contact in the Desert with this roundup of otherworldly reads.

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Before you attend Contact in the Desert, dubbed “the Woodstock of UFOs,” set for June 1-4 at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa, here are some essential readings.


A Taste for Change

Palm Desert Food & Wine teams with FIND Food Bank 
to combat hunger in the Coachella Valley.

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FIND Food Bank, a nonprofit that provides food assistance and essentials to those in need in Greater Palm Springs, will be the sole charitable partner of Palm Desert Food + Wine


The Best in the Desert

The Vintage Club pays homage to an iconic past and welcomes a bright future with its reimagined clubhouse.

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The Vintage Club in Indian Wells has achieved timelessness, mastery, and superior taste and class with its recently renovated Clubhouse.