October 1999

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Creations in Progress by Stewart Weiner. A brief look at some of the new developments.

One Week That Shook the Auto World by B.W. Cook. Remember the Avanti? That ultra-cool, ahead-of-its-time instant classic from Studebaker? Palm Springs ranks as the inspiration point for its famous designer Raymond Loewy and his team. Toss in a few rare photos and you’ve got an intriguing story.!

The Springs
What was the desert’s economic prognosis in 1955? Would you believe a lot of it had to do with parking meters?
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Golfing in Landmark Numbers

by Dick Miller. The new Landmark Golf Club in Indio makes its debut before a national TV audience this Thanksgiving weekend as it hosts the 1999 Skins Game. Here are some of the stats behind this new course.

The Place to Create

by Joyce Sunila. Discover some of the desert’s best and brightest in fashion, media and design. Innovators from Claudia James Couture Knits, Guthy-Renker, Thane and Ménage share how the desert motivates them and supports their enterprises.

Why the Desert?

by John Hussar. John interviews a coterie of local artists, writers and entertainers to discover what inspires them about the desert and why they like it here so much.

Let the Games Begin

by Hank Stokes. Charts by Hans and Mary Sue DuBach. How are the tourist, retail and construction trades fairing these days in the Coachella Valley? The inimitable Mr. Stokes scoops the details and divulges the latest trends. Get ahead of the game by learning the score.
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Cartoon Caption Contest

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